Lyon Part Dieu Mass transportation reinforced its position as a regional shopping hub. Three decades later, the Halles were put in line with safety standards. By the end of the 18th century, La Part-Dieu domain was a large estate bordered by the Brotteaux and Guillotière districts. Services depart every 20 minutes, and operate every day. It was created back in 2014 and is governed by a board of administrators, chaired by David Kimelfed, head of Lyon Metropolis. Le champ mot de passe doit contenir 8 caractères minimum et 20 caractères maximum. Comment dois-je procéder pour le changement de gare? At Lyon St Exupéry the tram arrives alongside the TGV station, you go up an escalator or stairs onto the station forecourt and enter the station's main hall through the main entrance doors. The whole architecture is surrounded by moats and is covered by typical late 80s and early 90s blue cladding. [30][86], Garibaldi swimming pool became the first indoor and public swimming pool in Lyon when it opened in 1933. On the top of that, Tour Incity was the first tower in Lyon to obtain the low energy-consumption label, along with HQE and BREEAM Excellent labels. J'ai vu qu'un train doit effectuer ce trajet à 11h01, puis-je le prendre ? Train services are mainly operated by SNCF with frequent TGV high-speed and TER regional services that include Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn. [33][32][34], In 1844, Public Hospitals sold their land to the military administration, which built cavalry barracks from 1851 to 1863. It is also a credible alternative to Paris, with a GDP of 74.6 billion euros and France's second business park. The winning architectural project abided by the Athens Charter, a rigorous modernist urban planning philosophy developed by Le Corbusier. A 3 star hotel, it has 144 air-conditioned and soundproof rooms, a secure private car parking (extra fee), bar and Courtepaille restaurant open 7 days a week. It also has a 14 screen multiplex cinema. 22h00. Vous aurez une vue imprenable sur la ville de Lyon et c'est le lieu idéal si vous avez une réunion à tenir entre deux trains. [32][2], Other objectives aimed at reintegrating the district within its surrounding urban environment by rethinking major axes, bringing the T1 tramway to life, renovating public spaces, improving connections between the métro and the main train station and demolishing elevated pedestrian footbridges. The subsequent demolition of existing structures took 5 years. La gare Part-Dieu est une gare française qui se situe dans le quartier de Part-Dieu à Lyon. totalling around €2.5 billion between public and private investments.[90][2][12][91][14]. [75][76][77], Bourse du Travail theatre was constructed between 1929 and 1936 in art deco style by Charles Meysson, chief architect of Lyon. City and Department Archives (see landmarks), a new platform access route from Pompidou Avenue, a new Béraudier front gallery with commercial space and ticketing services directly connected to To-Lyon high-rise. [37][38][39], The program evolved under the mandate of Mayor Pradel, not only by pushing for housing construction but also for encouraging the construction of an administrative centre and private office space to host public services, such as radio and police stations. Situé dans la Tour Part-Dieu de Lyon, le Buro Club Lyon Part-Dieu vous accueille dans ses 3 salles de réunion pouvant accueillir jusqu'à 30 personnes en théâtre. The building facade is covered by a large mosaic from 1934, by the hand of 35 mosaists, according to a work from painter Fernand Fargeot, representing "the city embellished by labour" hence its name "Labour Exchange" or "Bourse du Travail". It also wished to establish a proper European business district doubling its office supply by densifying the area with 7 highrises such as the Swiss Life and Oxygène Tower, although most proposals were scrapped, because Lyon was focusing elsewhere. The church was originally designed to preach Christian values in an immoral working-class neighbourhood with a high poverty rate and a low number of baptizations. Its base serves as an extension and as a direct link to the Part-Dieu Mall, along with an underground parking lot. It is the first industrial French region (with 500,000 industrial jobs on 50,000 sites) and second only in terms of exports (imports amount to 11.2% and exports to 12.4% of France's global exchanges). [50], Tour Incity, Lyon's tallest structure, was designed by Valode & Pistre and AIA architects. Kovatchevitch, Claude and Tanhia, Guillaume (2011). [61][62][63][64], Completed in 1977, this 164 meters tall building was designed by US-based architecture firm Cossutta & Associates for the main structure and by Stéphane du Château for its pyramid crown. Votre gare : Lyon Part Dieu. For example, Garibaldi street, once a main urban highway, has been revamped as a part of a green path going from Tête d’Or Park to Sergent Blandan and Gerland Park. Originally named Crédit Lyonnais, it is now called Tour Part-Dieu, but is best known by its nickname, le Crayon or the Pencil. [8][9][10][11], The CBD is currently undergoing major renovation and construction works, according to a revitalization projet totalling €2.5 billion between public and private investments. La Part-Dieu shopping centre is undergoing renovations according to a design by, Silex2 is a contemporary 129-meter-tall extension crowned by a spire, leaned against an 80-meter-tall, Émergence Lafayette residential high-rise, Underground air-cooling facility to power air-conditioning systems, Tour To-Lyon will be an office, four-star hotel and services tower providing conference and trade shows, located beside the railway station and Béraudier Plaza, to be completed around 2023 by. Gare SNCF de Lyon Part-Dieu (Accès, Parking, Horaires) | OUIGO. restoring and preserving the 20th century architectural heritage by forcing all new developments, including Tour Incity, to rhyme with the historical context and follow the distinct La Part-Dieu style, that consists mostly of repetitive, retrofuturistic and mineral patterns from the 1960s and 1970s. The company launched a project of a 220-meter skyscraper called Swiss Life 2 (formerly Eva), on the existing parking lot. Four massive square-shaped pier foundations bear the whole suspended structure, doubling as elevator shafts, and four concrete boxes self intersecting on top of it form a crown. - Duration: 9:00. It reaches 82 meters and holds many Swiss Life office spaces. Due to the evolution of warfare, the military compound lost its importance and became part of a massive housing estate project. Bénéficiez d’un espace personnalisé ! GARE DE DÉPART. ), national and regional headquarters of leading consultancy firms (EY, Mc Kinsey, Adamas, and Manpower) and global headquarters of international groups (April Group and Elkem Silicones). Meanwhile, the military compound took on the orthogonal footprint of the original farm estate. : jusqu'au 21/08 : Lundi à vendredi de 13h à 20h / samedi de 9h30 à 16h30 (sauf 25 … [80], This institution was created after the French Revolution in Lyon. [84], Montluc Fort was erected in 1831 under Louis-Philippe's reign as part of Lyon's fortified belt, in order to protect the city from foreign invasions, especially Prussian ones. La gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu est l'une des premières gares de correspondance de la SNCF aux niveaux international, national et régional. With 817 trains passing through Lyon-Part-Dieu daily, this transport hub serves regional, national and international connections. Under the Vichy Regime, it became a major Jewish deportation center and French Resistance prison. Chemicals are the main export sector. At Lyon Part Dieu, the tram terminus is directly outside the eastern Porte Alpes/Villette exit, with both tram stop and tram clearly marked in the red Rhône Express colour scheme - Lyon's ordinary city trams are white. They manage, control, promote and coordinate the La Part-Dieu project. [81][82][83], Lyon Metropolis headquarters were built between 1976 and 1978 by René Gimbert Jacques Vergély in a brutalist style. Other authority figures include Police Headquarters inside Montluc Fort since 2007 and Sytral Headquarters (Lyon transportation authority). Merci de saisir le courriel de votre compte client. It could either come from the tenacity with which several landlords managed to save pieces of land from Rhône waters or how Guillaume de Fuer named his parcel "Pardeu" by the end of the 12th century. The eastward urban expansion of rail and road networks turned La Part-Dieu marshalling yards into the centre of the metropolitan area. 20 people work on urban, economic, human and resources related problems. Le groupe SNCF Profil, finance, Newsroom, patrimoine, culture, identité, fournisseurs; Itinéraires & réservation Itinéraires porte à porte, horaires, info trafic, réservation, échange et annulation; SNCF à votre écoute Pour toute question ou réclamation, contactez notre service client; Offres voyageurs Trains, services voyageurs, cartes & tarifs, mobilité durable, offres entreprises [13], SPL Part-Dieu, or La Part-Dieu's publicly owned local development corporation, is used by local authorities as an operational tool. GARE DE DÉPART. FerroTrains433 33,314 views. The Porte Alpes entrance. La ligne E en 360° comme si vous y étiez ! [78][79], In July 1966, Mayor Louis Pradel decided to experiment the library of the future inside the Part-Dieu project. La Part-Dieu (French: [la.paʁ.diø]) is the Central Business District (CBD) and beating heart of Lyon Metropolis, inside an urban area of more than 2.2 million inhabitants. Around 600,000 people visited Les Halles during the 2015 Festival of Lights weekend. 14:12. In 2010 the mall got a major extension thanks to the Oxygène Tower. Pour votre inscription, veuillez renseigner les champs ci-dessous : J’accepte de recevoir des informations de la part de SNCF Voyageurs SA - TER par1 : 1Conformément à la règlementation applicable relative au transfert, à la collecte, la conservation et la sécurité des données personnelles, et en particulier, la loi 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 dite « informatique et libertés » modifiée et le règlement (UE) 2016/679 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 27 avril 2016 applicable depuis le 25 mai 2018, toute personne, justifiant de son identité, peut exercer ses droits d'accès, de rectification, d’effacement et d’opposition, ainsi que ses droits à la limitation du traitement, droit à la portabilité de ses données, et droit de ne pas faire l’objet d’une décision individuelle automatisée (y compris le profilage), en adressant une demande à, Accès aux quais toute la journée (du 1er au dernier train), Lignes 04-35-50-52-54 : Lyon - Ambérieu - Annecy - Chambéry le 10 janvier 2021 (PDF, 310.2 Ko), Lignes 05-24 : (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon du 04 janvier au 12 mars 2021 V7 (PDF, 223.28 Ko), Ligne 05 (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon du 4 au 10 janvier (PDF, 268.65 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 janvier 2021 (PDF, 114.16 Ko), FH 18 : Montluçon - Vichy - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 juillet 2021 (PDF, 115.48 Ko), Ligne 09 : Le Puy - Firminy - St-Etienne - (Lyon) du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 janvier 2021 (PDF, 63.59 Ko), FH 06 Clermont-Fd - Vichy - Roanne - Lozanne - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 04 juillet au 2021 (PDF, 113.38 Ko), Ligne 04 Annecy/Aix - Lyon valable jusqu'au 10 juillet (PDF, 123.58 Ko), Ligne 01 : Grenoble - Bourgoin-Jallieu - Lyon / valable jusqu'au 10 juillet (PDF, 151.09 Ko), Ligne 03 : St-Gervais/Evian/Genève - Bellegarde - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 juillet 2021 (PDF, 258.67 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon du 11 janvier au 10 juillet (PDF, 146.75 Ko), Ligne 20 : (Paray) - Lamure - Lozanne - (Lyon) jusqu'au 4 juillet (PDF, 569.83 Ko), Ligne 24 : (Dijon) - Mâcon - Lyon valable jusqu'au 31 janvier (PDF, 160.47 Ko), Ligne 32 Bourg-en-Bresse - Lyon valable jusqu'au 3 juillet (PDF, 128.35 Ko), Ligne 35 (Chambéry) - Culoz - Ambérieu - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 juillet 2021 (PDF, 127.28 Ko), Ligne 54 : Chambéry - Lyon valable jusqu'au 27 juin 2021 (PDF, 166.43 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon du 08 jan au 31 mars 2021 (PDF, 205.24 Ko), Ligne 05 (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon du 11 janvier au 10 juillet 2020 (PDF, 471.1 Ko), Ligne 24 (Dijon) - Mâcon - Lyon / du 1er février au 4 juillet (PDF, 162.6 Ko), Ligne 01 : Grenoble - Bourgoin - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 384.58 Ko), Ligne 03 : St-Gervais/Evian/Genève - Bellegarde - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 330.85 Ko), Ligne 05 : (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 416.92 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 373.62 Ko), Ligne 20 : (Paray) - Lamure - Lozanne - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 336.03 Ko), Ligne 24 : (Dijon) - Mâcon - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 423.84 Ko), Ligne 32 : Bourg-en-Bresse - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 298.77 Ko), Ligne 35 : (Chambéry) - Culoz - Ambérieu - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 419.21 Ko), Ligne 54 : Chambéry - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 321.68 Ko), Lignes 03 : St-Gervais/Evian/Genève - Bellegarde - Lyon du 13 au 27 février 2021 (PDF, 228.73 Ko). Sou Fujimoto Atelier, Dream Paris and EXNDO have proposed a 50m high-rise design with office and residential space, street-level shops and green rooftops, in lieu of the former Caisse d'Épargne headquarters, thanks to its reused materials, right next to Tour Oxygène. The consultation room of this golden-clad secure building currently hosts a large collection of maps, both public administrative and private reserves, notarial archives and documents from the historical library, from the year 861 till today. Votre voyage. Thierry GROSBOIS, directeur de gare . [32], Following World War II, France's top priorities were to rebuild the housing stock fast, to push for economic development and to favour efficient movements by car. [22][8][23], Various theories try to explain the origins of the "Part-Dieu" name (literally "Property of God"). The embankment of the Rhône river and construction of bridges ( see Bridges of Lyon ) led to the management of flood risk and urbanization of the eastern Rhone bank from 1772 onwards. Visit the Information centre at Lyon Part Dieu for lost property enquiries. The hotel ibis Lyon Gare La Part-Dieu is located in the heart of the business district, in a fully renovated environment 500m from the SNCF station and the La Part-Dieu shopping center. [85][34], Inaugurated in 1905, Blessed "Saint" Sacrament Church combines Gothic and Byzantine styles. Designed by Arte Charpentier Architects and constructed in 2010, Tour Oxygène reflects the dynamism that Lyon has been experiencing since the early 2000s. *Si l'on souhaite éviter l'engorgement de la Gare Part-Dieu, il faudra trouver moyen de gérer les flux piétons engendrés par la traversée de la gare. Built on the cavalry barracks' former location, it references the past with a parking lot named Cuirassiers or "Light Cavalry". In 1926, a project based on American Downtowns emerged. Aujourd’hui: 09:30 - 20:00. Even though the new auditorium offered a great Roman theatre design, it lacked a decent acoustic one. Half of the marshalling yards were converted into a large real estate project in order to fund the development of the new train station on each side of the rail tracks. 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Mercure Lyon Centre - Gare Part Dieu (Mercure Lyon La Part Dieu) - Situé à seulement 900 mètres de la station de métro les Brotteaux, Hôtel Mercure Lyon La Part Dieu offre des chambres non-fumeur et du Wi-Fi gratuit dans le hall. Lyon - La Part-Dieu. Mainly occupied by office space, it also hosts a four-star Radisson Blu Hotel at the top. strengthening its role as a transit hub and entrance to the Metropolis, by offloading the railway station through a larger and more suitable design and by rendering the city more pedestrian-friendly through new public spaces and optimized means of transport. [10], Tour Swiss Life was designed by Christian Batton and Robert Roustit and completed in 1989. TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Horaires des trains au départ de la gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu. [32][2], La Part-Dieu's expansion slowed down during the 1990s because of a strong momentum of urban development all over the agglomeration, regarding the Confluence district, the Cité Internationale, Gerland and La Doua Campus. Distributeurs de titres de transport TER : Métro TCL Ligne B : Charpennes - Stade de Gerland. It included the development of commercial, tertiary and cultural activities, in order to compete with Paris and other international cities and to turn La Part-Dieu into a showcase of modernity. L'ancienne tour EDF mise à nu avant d'être restructurée",,, "Part-Dieu : la Skyline de Collomb a du plomb dans le béton",, "Pitch Promotion va transformer l'ex-siège social de la Caisse d'Epargne Rhône Alpes", "Métro E jusqu'à Lyon Part-Dieu : les études avancent", "Cartes et tracés du contournement ferroviaire de l'agglomération lyonnaise | SNCF Réseau", "Lyon Part-Dieu : un quartier idéal pour les implantations tertiaires",,, "La Part-Dieu – Editions Libel : Maison d'édition – Lyon",,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with unknown parameters, Pages using infobox settlement with no map, Pages using infobox settlement with no coordinates, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, concierge services including dry-cleaning and postal services, Manufacture des tabacs Lyon 3 Jean Moulin University campus, It's mostly composed of city infrastructure and urban services (18,000 jobs), And engineering and digital systems (11,500 jobs).